Hemipelvectomy Prosthesis For High Level Pelvic Amputees

Prosthetics Hemipelvectomy High Hip Amputation

hemipelvectomy is a high level pelvic amputation.  Also called a transpelvic amputation or hindquarter amputation, hemipelvectomies are the rarest of lower extremity amputations.

Patients who have endured a hemipelvectomy may have been involved in a car accident or had cancer such as a sarcoma like osteosarcoma or Ewing’s sarcoma.

available services:

To prevent back pain and to build strength, the services of a physical therapist trained in the special needs of a post-hemipelvectomy patient is helpful and generally necessary.

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What one of our clients has to say:

“All I remember is I cry very much when I thought I will die. I never thought I could be still living.” ~ Gilbert LIndor, Citizen of Haiti


Gilbert Lindor smiles after trying to kick an allen wrench kit, while testing out his new leg for the first time. In the background from left are Jeff Johnson, Joe Johnson, and Garry Fallesen.

Read about Gilbert’s story

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